When you contact Albury Care the home care agency team will create a tailored care plan especially for you.

  • We will arrange an informal meeting at either your home or in hospital.

  • At the meeting we will carry out a pre-assessment so we are fully informed of all of the care needs required.

  • A health and safety assessment will also need to be carried out at your home.

  • We will put together a care package which will include a quote for either domiciliary or live in care according to your requirements.

  • This will be completed within 48 hours
  • A follow up call will be made to discuss any further requirements






At Albury Care, we encourage the elderly or infirm to maintain independent living. Rather than using a residential care home we believe that home care provides a superior environment for maintaining control of the way that you want to be treated and the way you want to live.

From www.communitycare.co.uk
A Department of Health (DH) report of October 2009 on the use of resources in adult care addressed the case of residential care homes v live in care.

In the report Professor Andrew Kerslake of the Institute of Public Care, which carried out some of the research for the DH document, says “Most people do not want to go into care homes. Many who do haven’t made a “positive choice” to end up there. “

Albury Care provides the best alternative to Residential Care Homes in Guildford.